Service and Pricing

Service and Pricing

Do you know?
Product price is only fraction of your total shopping procedure

Korgou’s value-added service helps you ensure that the products you choose are really what you want it to be, the quantity and quality of the products meet your demand, make your shipping free from damage and loss, and even your after-sale service is taken good care of.

For Individual shoppers

Quantity check ensures that the products meet your demand.

We help you exchange or return your order.

Combine several packages into one and reduce the shipping cost.

Split package into several boxes to reduce possibility of custom's investigation.

Remove the invoice in case you want to keep the price confidential.

Remove the tag or other signs of a product upon your request.

Remove the wrapping or original package to reduce weight and shipping cost.

Some products should be insured to protect from damage.

Take your time shopping, Korgou offers free storage for you(30 days).

Feel free to contact us for any personalized demands. Your perfect overseas shopping experience, Korgou's aims.

For Business

The value-added services designed for individual shoppers also apply for business, plus more.

To meet business' high-volume shipping needs, Korgou provides bulk logistics solution to reduce your shipping and tax cost.

Korgou can act as a surrogate to contact your sellers and buyers the same as you are pyhsically in Korea.

Korgou transfers and circulates paper documents on your behalf in case electronic transimission is not accepted.

You've got Korean, we have translation. Your business files and documents are always in your native language.

Korgou's favorable exchange rate reduces your financial cost, saves your time, and meets your business operation demand.

Korgou assigns you a true Korean phone number through which you accept calls from Korea exactly as if you were in Korea (forthcoming).

Need more specialized service? You name it, we fulfill it!

Value-added service pricing

Package forwarding service

  Fee (in Korean Won)
Shipping fee Varied by weight and volume
Processing fee 3,000 per kg  / 4,000 per kg (Priority package order)
Splitting fee 1,000won will be added per box from the second box packed.
Service Fee (in Korean Won)
Package consolidation (combine serveral packages into one) Free
Package split (Split a package into several ones) 2,000 per package (number of splitted packages)
photography 2,000 per package
Sorting / Item counting (not possible to divide package into several) 3,000 per package
Exchange and return (domestic) 3,000 per package
Invoice / tag removal 2,000 per order
Original box removal 4,000 per order
Storage datailed
Storage policy 1) Before applying for forwarding : Customer can keep package for 2 months in total. – Free storage period : 30 days – Storage charge period : 500 won per day for the next 30 days 2) After applying for forwarding : You can keep it for one month after customer get the fee. – Free for up to two weeks after getting the rate. – 1,000 won per day for the next two weeks. ▶ Customer’s packages will be out of our control and custody
Free within 30 days, then 500 per day.
Shipping insurance 10,000won for EMS,FEDEX,TNT and AIR&SEA PARCEL / 15,000won for DHL
Invoice issue 5,000
Premium re-packing (removal original box and bubblewrapping one by one) 1,000 per kg(starting from 4,000)
Other personalized service Contact us for details.

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